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Custom CNC

Custom Slab Flattening

Bring us your own slab or choose from one of our kiln dried slabs

Slab Flattening: starts at $50 per hour

---Metal hit by the CNC bit, in slabs not purchased through Homeland Woodworking, results in bit replacement @ $150 per bit---

Slab Flattening

Bow Ties: $40 ea.

Add precision, CNC carved Bow Ties of any size, and inlay with a wood species of your choosing.

Bow Ties.jpg


CNC Engraving uses the precision of the CNC machine to carve into the wood anything from scenic images to names, quotes, and favorite sayings.



CNC Embossing uses the precision of the CNC machine to carve around the scene or phrase; giving a raised, bold appearance to the customization.



CNC inlays is a double process that uses the precision of the CNC to engrave the desired customization into the featured piece, and then embosses the reverse image on a contrasting species of wood. The embossed image is then inlayed into the engraving, and CNC'd smooth. This process is used mostly on table and desk type furniture to keep the surface smooth, able to be written on, and easy to clean.

Uncle Dave.jpg


Keyways can be used for a number of reasons, some of the most prominent being to hang signs or shelving. CNC keyways leave a precise, clean appearance to the keyway. These can be vertical for an object that is symmetrical and well balanced, or horizontal for to allow balancing during setup.


Custom Carving & Furniture Customization

---Heirloom Fireplace Mantles---



---Entertainment Centers--- 



---Bed Frames---

And More

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