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From decorative ladders to display your favorite blanket to functional ladders to get into your loft, we can design a ladder that is perfect to meet your needs.  Choose from any of our paint or stain grade woods, and mix and match wood species to get the perfect design for you. To see more photos visit our photo gallery. Call or Email us for a personalized quote where we will discuss the size and design requirements that are right for you.

Looking for a ladder that is ready to go? Stop by our store to see what we have in stock. 

Quilt Ladders

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All of our ladders are built with a sturdy construction as if they are going to be load bearing, and our quilt ladders are no different. When you buy one of our quilt ladders you will be purchasing sturdy craftsmanship that will carry more than it needs to and will stand the test of time.

Choose from any domestic wood species, dimension, and design to get the perfect look for your display.

Loft / Functional Ladders

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Our Loft and Functional Ladders are built to be load bearing and durable. Side rails finish at least 1.5 inches thick and 6 inches deep unless otherwise requested. The rungs or steps are inset into the side rails 1/2 inch, then glued and screwed into place. All screws are countersunk and plugged with either matching wood, or a different wood of your choosing to give you durability while maintaining a high quality appearance.

We can meet any design requirement you may have, from paint grade material to showing off the raw beauty of high quality, natural lumber.

Desire something even more personalized? We can CNC the side rail of your ladder with something of your choosing.

Pictures Coming Soon

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