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About Us

Designs for all Household Furniture

We are a woodworking shop based in Attica, NY that is made up of family and friends who love to create beautiful custom woodwork that may bring joy to anyone's home. 

We create custom designs for people to enjoy the beauty of natural wood in their home setting. To us, this is more than a hobby; this is a way we share life and glorify God together.

Each of us desires to live by the words we see in Scripture and to use our talents and abilities to do good and bless others.

*DISCLAIMOR: We are a Christian based organization that adheres to the values laid out in scripture. We do not, and will not discriminate against anyone's beliefs. This being said we will adhere to our own religious convictions, and must put out a disclaimer that we will not produce custom work that runs contrary to those convictions. We do not mean this in offense to anyone else's convictions; however, custom jobs representing profane language, or designs contrary to our religious beliefs may not be accepted. We ask that you respect our beliefs as we respect yours. Our religious convictions are sincerely and deeply held. If your order is denied, it is done so with utmost respect for you and we hold nothing against you. It is done for our conscience. Thank you for your understanding.

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