Custom Desks are built with all of your usage requirements in mind. If you are going to buy a large piece of high quality furniture it should be the right fit for you with everything you need to be efficient. Contact us to discuss building your custom desk that meets both your designer and operational needs. For ideas and to view some of our work, browse the sections below or check out our Photo Gallery.

L-Shaped Desks

If you're looking to maximize your workspace to give yourself as much room as possible while saving space, an L-shaped or wrap-around desk is a good option for you. L-Shaped Desks (as with all of our desks) are completely customizable including the following, and much more:

Design: Live Edge, Epoxy/ River, Farmhouse...

Wood Type: Black Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Ash, Sycamore...

Size: As small or large as needed

Functionality: Number and placement of drawers, inlaid outlet locations...

*Custom CNC Engraving: Anything from your name or business name, to your favorite saying, design, or logo.


Live-Edge / Slab Desk

This is the perfect option for someone looking to show off beautiful, natural woodwork. Everything about these desks is customizable, with the only limitation being your choice of slab. We usually keep a stock or slabs for this purpose including, Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Sycamore, Black Gum, and others. Contact us to see if we have any in stock that will suit your needs. If we don't have what you are looking for in stock, we can resource your slab from our local suppliers. 

Slab Desks may be inlaid with C-Channel on the underside to help hold them flat, though C-channel is not always necessary. The recommended need for C-Channel is determined based off of the size and design of the desk, and will be discussed during the design process should you choose this type of desk.


Design your own leg style, or choose from any of our current styles that you see pictures of on our site. We do not currently do our own metal work, but if you desire metal legs we can point you in the direction of some designers we recommend that you can choose from. Legs can be made permanent or removeable to make moving easier. 


*Customizable with CNC engraving: including names, businesses, logos, and favorite sayings!


Epoxy / River Desk

If you're looking for the beauty of a natural, live edge desk, while maintaining a straight edge, dimensional look, we can help you design your own Epoxy/River Desk. As with the Slab Desks you can pick your own slab of any species, Epoxy color and transparency, leg style, and design. Due to the process required to make these desks, starting slab thickness must be at least 1.75 inches.


As with our other desks, our epoxy desks may be inlaid with C-Channel on the bottom for added support. Whether or not C-Channel is recommended for your build will be determined during the design process.

*Customizable with CNC engraving: including names, businesses, logos, and favorite sayings!

Contact us to start designing you Epoxy/ River Desk!

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