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This bundle offers the ability to display are large array of foods in a very decorative display. With one Deluxe Lazy Suzan and two Standard Lazy Suzans this bundle offers a total 12 Rectangular serving trays and 4 Oval serving trays. Depending on the model selected this package will include 3-7 dip placement locations!


All of our Charcuterie items are finished with at least 3 coats of food grade oils. Using this finishing method enables food to be served directly on the wooden surface, and makes clean-up and maintenance easy. Care instruction pamphlet for proper cleaning and maintenance is included with this purchase. These are high quality Charcuterie items, and with proper care, and periodic maintenance they will last for a long time and maintain ther vibrant look.


Bowls are NOT included with this purchase. We are currently working to open a line of bowls that will be optional for purchase with these items, and we will add those for purchase options as soon as they become available. The Center dip engraving is sized to fit most commercial dip containers. For ceramic bowls not purchased through Homeland Woodworking, use the dimentions in the Product Information section to ensure they will fit your purchase. 

Lazy Suzan Bundle

SKU: 21554345656
  • All dimensions are in inches.

    Bowls are NOT included with this purchase.


    Deluxe Lazy Suzan: (1 included)

    Diameter: 22 (+/- 1/4)

    (Ultra: 24 (+/- 1/4)

    Thickness: 1.125 (+/- 1/8)


    Oval Trays: 9.125 x 4

    Rectangle Trays: 7 x 3.125

    Center Dip Placement: 4

    4x Secondary Dip Placement Diameters (Deluxe Ultra Model Only): 2.875


    Hardware: 1x low profile, Heavy Duty, ball bearing turn table. Installed, ready to use.


    Standard Lazy Suzan: (2 included)

    Diameter: 17 (+/- 1/4)

    Thickness: 1.125 (+/- 1/8)


    Rectangular Serving Trays:

    Length: 6.25

    Width: 3.375


    Center Dip Circle: 3.875


    Hardware: 1x Low Profile, Heavy Duty, Ball Bearing Turntable, Installed, ready to use.


    Care Instruction Pamphlet is included with this purchase!

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